Emergency Blocked Drain Service Greensborough

Block Drains Service GreensboroughBlocked drains are usually caused by tree roots, or a build-up of debris, and if left for some time can cause significant damage in your home or business.

At Precision Plumbing we offer the most up to date and effective technology. Our CCTV drain camera and locating equipment can accurately pin point where the blockage is, almost to the millimetre.

Our efficient high pressure jet machine can clear the most stubborn blockages with ease, no matter the cause. At Precision Plumbing we are confident that the blockages can be repaired effectively with minimal mess and priced very competitively.

Our CCTV drain camera and modern locating equipment can identify exactly where the blockage is

Precision Plumbing can effectively clear all tree roots and blockages

Damaged and dislodge pipes can be repaired with little mess and at a competitive price.

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At Precision Plumbing, we offer all aspects of plumbing including general plumbing, fixing blocked drains, hot water unit installations or repairs, and a 24 hour, 7 day a week emergency plumbing service.